What to Do with an Old Comforter: 10 Creative Ideas




What to do with an old comforter

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What to do with an old comforter?” is a question many of us encounter as we look at the pile of old blankets stacked in our bedroom closet. It’s a shame to simply throw away what was once a beloved item, especially if it’s still in good condition. Yet, if we no longer have use for it in the bedroom, it can feel like a cluttered mess. Thankfully, there’s a lot one can do to recycle and repurpose these old comforters. From creating a cozy pet bed to utilizing them in a garden as a compost base for your vegetable plants, there are many creative ideas that can give your old comforter new life.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 creative ideas to help you decide on the best use for your old comforter, where its quality and pattern quickly change from outdated bedding to something unique and functional. So before you stretch to toss that white, comfy blanket into the trash, read on to find out what innovative repurposing options would go well with your old comforter. 

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What to do with an old comforter

1. Turn it into a Bed for Your Pet

If you have a pet, why not give them a plush bed without spending a dime? You can choose from several options:

1.1 Cut and Sew the Comforter into a Pet Bed

Take your scissor and cut out the desired shape for your pet bed. You can cut a simple rectangular shape or opt for a cute bone or paw shape. Next, sew the edges together and stuff the bed with the comforter’s complete fill, making the bed more comfortable for your furry friend.

1.2 Use the Comforter as a Cushion Inside a Pet Crate

Does your pet sleep in a crate? Place the comforter to cover the crate’s flat surface to act as an extra cushion to make your pet more relaxed and comfortable.

1.3 Stuff the Comforter Inside a Pillowcase to Make a Plush Pet Pillow

You can also turn the comforter into a pillow by stuffing it in a pillowcase. You can place this on your pet’s bed or even on the floor. Your pet will love sleeping on it as it’s soft and cozy.

2. Use it as a Picnic Blanket

Don’t have a picnic blanket but have an old comforter that you don’t use? Perfect! Here’s what you need to do:

2.1 Clean and Freshen Up the Comforter

To use your old comforter as a picnic blanket, make sure it’s washed and cleaned properly so that no dirt, dust, or stains can affect your picnic.

2.2 Lay the Comforter on the Ground and Enjoy Your Picnic

Lay the comforter on the flat ground and enjoy your picnic on top of it.

2.3 Fold the Comforter Neatly and Store It in a Bag for Future Use

After your picnic, fold the comforter and store it in a bag or someplace safe that’s easily accessible for future use.

3. Turn it into a Bag

Do you want to turn your comforter into a useful item that you can carry around? A bag is an ideal way to repurpose your comforter.

3.1 Cut and Sew the Comforter into a Large Tote Bag

You can cut and sew half of the comforter and make a large tote bag out of it. You may also choose to add handles or straps to the bag for easy carrying.

3.2 Add Straps or Handles to the Bag for Easy Carrying

If you want to make carrying around the bag more convenient, add some straps or handles to it.

3.3 Use the Bag for Grocery Shopping, Beach Trips, or Traveling

You can use the bag for carrying groceries, for travel, or a day trip to the beach or park.

4. Use it as a Drop Cloth

If you’re into DIY or home improvement projects, a comforter can act as a drop cloth to prevent damage to your furniture or floor. Here’s how you can reuse it:

4.1 Cover Floors and Furniture When Painting

When painting a room in your home or doing any other crafts, spread the comforter over any furniture or floors that may possibly get stained.

4.2 Protect Surfaces During Home Improvement Projects

If you’re fixing something around the house or need to work with potentially messy substances, use the comforter to cover any surfaces that may be at risk of getting damaged or dirty.

4.3 Dispose of the Comforter After Use

After you use the comforter as a drop cloth, consider disposing of it as it may have paint or chemicals that may be harmful or hard-to-remove.

5. Turn it into Pillows

Want to give your home a fresh look without spending too much? Repurpose your comforter into cute cushions or accent pillows.

5.1 Cut and Sew the Comforter into Pillow Covers

Cut the comforter into pieces depending on how many pillows you need. Then, sew them together, creating a pillow cover that you can reuse later.

5.2 Stuff the Covers with Comforter Fill for Plush Pillows

Stuff your pillow covers with the comforter fill material to make pillows as plush and fluffy as possible.

5.3 Use as Accent Pillows on Your Bed or Couch

Place the pillows on your bed or sofa as fluffy, decorative accents that will add more comfort and style to your home.

6. Donate or Drop it off at a Shelter

Comforters are great for providing warmth and comfort to animals that are waiting for their forever homes. If you have a comforter that you no longer intend to use, consider donating it to an animal shelter.

6.1 Find a Local Animal Shelter or Donation Center

Do a quick search online or call around to inquire about local animal shelters or donation centers near you that accept comforters.

6.2 Check with the Organization for Acceptable Donation Items

Select an organization and ensure that they accept comforters. Check their website or give them a call to verify that your donation will be used.

6.3 Help Provide Comfort to Animals in Need

Donating will not only give you a chance to recycle your old comforter but also help animals in need.

7. Turn it into a Rag

If you have no use for your old comforter, turn it into smaller rags that you can use to clean or wipe down surfaces.

7.1 Cut the Comforter into Small Squares or Rectangles

Cut the comforter into smaller pieces of squares or rectangles, depending on the size of rags you need.

7.2 Use as a Cleaning Rag Around the House

Use the rags to clean surfaces around the house to prevent the use of plastic or paper cleaning products that may eventually fill up landfills.

7.3 Wash and Reuse the Rags Multiple Times

Wash your rags and reuse them as needed to get the most out of your old comforter.

8. Repurpose it for Craft Projects

For those who are into crafting, an old comforter can be a great source of fabric for your next creations.

8.1 Cut Shapes or Pieces for Art Projects

Cut shapes or pieces out of the comforter to use as fabric pieces for art projects.

8.2 Use for Quilting or Sewing Other Craft Items

Use the fabric for quilting or sewing other craft items such as purses, bags, or even clothing items.

8.3 Get Creative and Try New Projects with the Old Comforter

The options for crafting projects are endless! Get creative and try new projects with the old comforter.

9. Use it as Insulation or Fill

The fabric found in comforters is an ideal insulator or fill for several household items or projects.

9.1 Cut the Comforter into Small Pieces or Strips

Cut the comforter into small pieces or strips, making it easier to use as insulation or fill.

9.2 Use as Insulation in Doors, Windows, or Walls

Use the comforter as insulation in places where you want to prevent heat from escaping- such as doors or windows.

9.3 Stuff Pillows, Stuffed Animals, and Other Items with the Comforter Fill

Stuffing pillows, stuffed animals, and other household items with comforter fill is a great way to prevent waste and repurpose material.

10. Recycle or Repurpose the Material

If you find that you have no use for your old comforter, consider sending it off to a recycling center.

10.1 Take the Comforter to a Recycling Center or Facility

Take the comforter to a facility that accepts these textiles to ensure that it will be disposed of properly and recycled if possible.

10.2 Repurpose the Material for Other Uses

The material from your old comforter can be repurposed for other uses such as rugs, blankets, and more.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

With these easy ideas, you can reuse your old comforters, blankets, or quilts in many different ways around the house. Are you trying to find more ways to reuse your old comforters? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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